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The Windham Regional Plan

Town Commissioners voted to approve the 2014 Windham Regional Plan on September 30, 2014.  A sincere thank you to all who contributed to the completion of this plan. Your input is greatly appreciated.

The Windham Regional Plan

The complete Windham Regional Plan: click here

Due to the size of the plan, the document elements are also offered as separate elements.

The individual elements are available here:

2014_Windham Regional Plan_text (without maps and profile)

2014_Windham Regional Plan_intro only (includes summaries and policies for each chapter and implementation section)

2014_Windham Regional Plan_maps

2014_Windham Regional Plan_profile

Note: The topic of Transportation is addressed in the 2013_Transportation Plan_Synopsis and Maps and the 2013_Windham Regional Transportation Plan (complete version). These two documents are addenda to this plan and the information and policies contained therein have the same standing as all other elements of the Windham Regional Plan, but are provided as separate documents.


More about the Regional Plan Update Process

The intensive Regional Plan update process began in October 2012 and has had broad participation by the public through four public forums, an online forum, 30-day public comment periods on the first and second drafts, and direct oral and written communication. WRC’s town-represented Commissioners and staff have committed extensive time and resources toward the development of this plan.

The WRC is required by Vermont Statute (Title 24 Chapter 117 § 4348) to adopt a Regional Plan every eight years. For the Regional Plan to be adopted, it must meet certain requirements that include public participation, including two or more public hearings on the proposed Regional Plan, and at least a 60% vote of approval by WRC’s Commissioners with at least 75% of the 27 towns represented (which is equal to 21 towns).

The WRC serves all of Windham County, the Bennington County towns of Readsboro, Searsburg and Winhall, and the Windsor County town of Weston. The Windham Regional Plan provides guidance for change and development in this 27-town region, and it establishes the basis for much of the WRC’s work during the plan’s life. The plan is intended for use by the WRC, town planning commissions, selectboards, state agencies, developers and others.


If you have questions or concerns about the Windham Regional Plan

You are invited to ask questions and share your comments by contacting Kim Smith.

Email: Send an email to ksmith@windhamregional.org

Phone: Call Kim Smith at (802) 257-4547 ext. 108.


Important:  Any thoughts or comments are encouraged, but please keep the language civil as this is a public site and others can see your remarks.  The Windham Regional Commission reserves the right to remove any comments deemed offensive.

Thank you for your continued engagement in this regional plan update process.


For More About the Regional Plan, follow the link located in the right hand column.

Windham Regional Commission logo

For more information about the Windham Regional Commission, please access our website at http://windhamregional.org/.

Facebook logo.You can also find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/windhamregional/.


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